Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tozer Reflection

Is there a relationship between our attitude toward God and how he receives us when we come to Him?

This is another one of those perplexing questions: the answer seems easy enough from to answer, yet my abilities to relay what is in my mind seem not sufficient given the analysis I am asked to provide.

I believe Tozer addresses this* where he discusses how Christ walked the earth: as a means of expressing the Father’s love for those who seek Him.

As I see it...
when men and women sought the wholeness or healing of Christ through their faith, they were forgiven of their sins, not condemned by the Almighty. They are loved, embraced, cherished, and taught, just as Jesus respected and received those who sought Him.

When we seek and receive God’s grace (the doctrine of prevenient grace aside…let’s just say for the sake of discussion "grace" we receive when we seek, ask and knock) and the gift of salvation, we are being forgiven of our wrongs and seeking the charter of a new course.

As such, I believe God is in some way desiring and authoring that new course for us. There may be rebuke at some point along that new course, but the initial embrace is one of love and heartfelt desire to be healed, and I believe this happens on both sides of heaven just as Christ exhibited during His days on this earth.

*Tozer, A.W. (1961). The Knowledge of the Holy (pg. 130). New York, NY: Harper Collins.

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