Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Can't park....can't park....can't park as close as me!

I vow to not make this a political ranting blog...you have my word on that.

Recently, while visiting a newly constructed building, as I approached the fresh blacktop - stop noticeable by its distinct smell from nearly a mile away - I saw about a dozen or so signs erected in the front row of the parking lanes.

As I approached I noticed that several were blue, obviously painted as such for the handicapped. But what about these other spots that were painted orange?

  • Reserved for staff?
  • Expectant mothers like at Baby's-R-Us?
  • Visitor parking?
  • Employee of the month?
  • Senior citizens?
  • Vans with side or rear ramps?
Credit: Ben Douglas

Answer: none of the above! These spaces were reserved for "FUEL EFFICIENT PARKING." I guess that's different than fuel efficient cars, or fuel efficient mopeds? Somehow "PARKING" now gets its own spot, too?

Why does a fuel efficient vehicle get preferential treatment? Wouldn't it make more sense from an environmental standpoint to have the less efficient vehicles park closer to the building, thus reducing their distance and carbon emissions as they drive circles around the lot looking for the closest possible spot?

What is the real objective here? Is it to make me want to buy a fuel efficient something so I can park closer than you? Is it a university's way of wagging their finger in my face if I still choose to drive about town in a hooptie or, God forbid, an SUV? Did the university find a loophole in governmental funding and by claiming "GREEN" parking were able to access government money to fund this project?

I often wonder why fuel efficiency, compact and electric cars, today, are getting such privileged treatment. If this parking spot were painted the exact same, in the same location but the sign read "RESERVED: Muslim Parking Only," or "RESERVED: Christian Parking Only," or "RESERVED: Whites Only," could you image how fast the ACLU and NAACP (amongst others) would be protesting? I doubt the construction worker would even be able to install all of the signs before hearing the chants of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. And perhaps rightfully so - our country has made huge strides towards equality of human and civil rights. Some would argue we're close to equal while others would say we're nowhere near.

Still, what about equal car rights? Why does fuel efficient parking - I mean, cars - get special privileged treatment? This happens to be on a college campus. They're kids! They can walk a few extra feet! GEESH!!!

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