Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I want to be an ( _________ )...

As life passes by and another day is spent in a job I really love - a job that not only pays the bills but affords me ample time to think, meditate, and potentially chart the coming course I so desperately seek to navigate - I find myself sitting and trying to devise an actual meaningful post. If for no other reason than my own amusement.

1. What do people want to discuss?

I don't want to discuss politics anymore. I am tired of beating the political horse of "Your guy said this, and even though my guy said that it's still okay because..." to death. In the end I'm going to go to the polls in November and vote.

However, it seems like these days people aren't interested in creating their own topics and drawing upon their personal experiences and thoughts.

People want to sit back and merely criticize original thought.
People want to observe and simply correct.
People want to inexplicably judge and cite others' flaws.

I know I'm guilty of this. I'm also tired of being as such.

2.  What do people want to do?

All of you reading this post right now, are you 'doing' what you want to do in life? I am working with a great non-profit in my city (SPPRAK) on a project and they have exposed me to Jon Acuff's book Quitter. As a result, I am falling passionately in love with this aspect of my life and wishing I had more time each day to devote to it.

The truth of the matter is: I do, I just spend much of my valuable time arguing with people on Facebook about something that will not affect my decision - or theirs - come November.


As I near the end of my college courses I am reminded of how I actually got started on this site and how I first learned I love to write. It was in a basic writing class.

I began the process of applying a simple script with no ending and being told to finish it up. I was assigned to read a story about electrical insulators and one man's crazy desire to collect them, then come up with a story idea of my own that would pass the facilitator's standards and score well against the grading rubric.

I soon found myself thinking a one page reflection each week was nothing when the expected weekly response would soon become a 4-5 page analysis of a single word from a language that no longer exists.

Given the time I spend on social networking sites devising ways to advertise my disdain for another person's opinion I have not once met - or shared a cup of coffee - with clever character inflections, I have quickly gleaned that this blog can offer me so much more.

I don't know truly how I will use this gift and if it will ever be for a full-time opportunity; or if it will even bring in a "real" paycheck. I do know that in the thirty minutes my wife and I allow each other to sit next to each other discussion-free and unfettered computer usage, I find myself lost and piling up ideas about which to expound.

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