Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look out, LaSorda!

Day two of this crash course weight loss "diet" - things are going well. Of course I didn't think I was going to hear the response from my wife when I divulged my perfectly devised strategy to health.

Me: Okay, here it is. I have a bunch of protein powder leftover from my last go at running and physical fitness. Rather than depleting my body of calories (a.k.a. fasting) I'm going to do a protein milkshake for breakfast, another for lunch, and we'll eat a healthy portion-controlled dinner. No late night snacking. No added coffee. No snacks or sugar. I will do this for ONE week and I'm sure to lose weight.

Wife: Oh, so you're doing Slim Fast! That works for a lot of people.

Me: What? Slim Fast? It's not Slim Fast....no!

Wife: Hahahaha, yes it is.

Me: You're right. Now that I think about it, I remember those famous Tommy LaSorda commercials back in the 80's-90's.
"I had a delicious shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and then a sensible dinner."

Hey, if he lost weight, so can I!

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