Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanking Him for another chance

This sunset was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I took this picture on the shore of Lake Erie, just outside of Erie, PA. The incredible thing about this scene however, is that I almost never saw it.

My wife and I had traveled to Boston for a wedding. On the way back, after an impromptu visit to Niagara Falls, we planned to stop at Cleveland for the night. As we arrived near Erie, PA, the sun was setting; just as we hit the point on the map where we were closest to the lake.

We found an exit ramp, paid our toll and began searching for a spot near the shoreline. Not being familiar with the territory, we were driving around in what seemed to be a ‘beat-the-clock’ scenario. Given the time of day, we decided to call home and say good night to our son, Linc, who was staying with grandma and grandpa. As we spoke to them on speaker, we heard those precious sounds of our greatest little blessing…to date. We said good night to all and hung-up.

I was aimlessly driving west and had been paying more attention to our son’s voice than the road; I felt as though we were getting too far away from town and noticed we could no longer see the lake. I saw a cross road approaching and dipped off the road to the right to whip a u-turn. Due to the lack of my focus while I was on the phone, I lost track of my surroundings and didn’t stop to look behind me as I pulled back onto the highway.

I felt my front left wheel bump upon the highway and immediately caught a glimpse of headlights fast approaching. I smashed the brake pedal, feeling as thought I nearly shoved it through the floor board of our car. You’ve probably heard the expression ‘your life flashing before your eyes,’ but have you ever been eye level with a set of Mack truck tires flashing before your eyes? Thankfully the alert trucker swerved and nobody else was traveling east at that moment.

We sat there for a moment – stunned and gasping for our breath. As I looked left and right, for probably the fourth or fifth time, my wife calmly said, “That could have been the last time we talked to Linc.” We said a prayer to the Lord for keeping us going and went on to see this beautiful sunset. The rest of the trip home was blessed, despite a brief mechanical issue and lack of Starbucks throughout most of Ohio.

Have you ever been given a second chance at life? Have you forgotten about it or do you use it as a reminder each and every day? Our salvation is certainly a second chance at life but it does not shield us or our loved ones from pain and suffering. I can’t imagine what life would be like for our son and families if we hadn’t made it home from that trip. I’m thanking God at this moment; thanking Him for another chance.

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