Thursday, December 31, 2009

No resolutions in 2010: this year it's a New Year's Covenant

It's time again - time to make the usual resolutions and lists, lists that many of us will not keep.  I initially planned to put in place a few lists and ideas of my own; hoping to keep them running strong for at least 2 or 3 months before I fail.  But in getting my lists ready I had an epiphany.  As I reflect on the covenants I've made with the Lord, I realized I have not failed Him.  Putting the bottle down - check!  Every fast He's called me to complete - check!  Put-forth the best effort towards studying His word - check!  Being a better husband and father - check! (I didn't check with my wife on this one, it's just my gut feeling)

So brothers and sisters, I plan to enter a New Year's Covenant with the Lord in 2010, and I invite you to join.  It's simple: think of 1 or 2 things you wish to improve, bring it God, pray on it, and live it by Faith.  Maybe it's finding one act of service for somebody else every week of the year...that's only 52 things.  Perhaps you have wanted to get better at remembering birthdays...make a list of them and set reminders 2 days before in your email program or, pay a little more attention on Facebook.

Whatever it is, let's do it together - are you with me?  I desperately want to grow with the Lord this year; so bad that it's all I can do to sit still long-enough to write this.  Let's pray more and serve more; let's give our pride a little rest this year.  What is your covenant going to be?  I bet the Lord will welcome it with open arms, as He did when you asked Him into your life.

God bless, and good luck!

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