Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jesus-pod ministering in the Haute?

That’s right folks, at this minute God’s Word may be ministering to a petty thief in the Haute. This morning I walked out to my car – which was sitting on the street – and noticed my glove box open, dome light on, and door slightly cracked open. Short of dusting for prints, I believe this adds up to nothing short of the handy work of a common criminal.

But this servant found the sliver lining through it all. That $149 Jesus-pod (iPod Nano) was chocked-full of nothing but Jesus music, sermons, and inspirational leadership speeches by some of the best writers and speakers of our day. So even though I was robbed, could it be that somebody was saved? Will this common criminal turn my Jesus-pod on and hear something that will bring him/her to the Cross? Rather than being infuriated by this callous act, I will rejoice in the name of Christ and pray that it was God’s will!

Join me in this prayer brothers and sisters. Perhaps I’ll buy another Jesus-pod and leave the car unlocked again!

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